Maps Marketing Blueprint

Discover The Easiest And Most Effective Way To Dominate Your Local Market

New Local Maps Marketing Strategy Gives You Qualified Leads And Makes Your Phone Ring With Google+ Local.

Here’s Why Maps Marketing Is Important For Your Local Business

Google+ Local Is Giving Local Businesses Like Yours Massive Exposure And Putting You In Front Of People That Are Searching For Your Products And Services…

ALL FOR FREE… Let Me Show You:

Google is a “Billion Dollar” company because it’s the best at doing one thing, finding the answers to the questions that we type in.

Google knows that when someone in Atlanta types in the word “Chiropractor,” they aren’t interested in getting information about Chiropractors in California.

So Google created a way to promote local businesses by developing Google+ Local… also knows as Google Maps.

As You Can see… Google+ Local Is The Best Way To Get On The 1st Page Of Google And Dominate Your Local Market.

THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM… Googleonly features 7 local companies on the 1st page. So how does a company get in the 1st page of Google?

More importantly, how does a company get to be FIRST on the 1st page of Google?Well it’s easier than you might think, if your company knows what Google is looking for with maps marketing.

The Secret To Ranking At The Top Of Google+ Local Is Easy When You Have A Blueprint


Maps Marketing Blueprint

Maps Marketing Bluerprint is a complete step-by-step training system that will teach you everything you need to know in how to rank your business at the top of Google+ Local.

Inside our Map Marketing Blueprint you’ll discover exactly what Google is looking for to give you an unfair advantage on your competition. Even if you don’t know anything about online marketing, don’t worry. We will reveal everything you need to know.


“We couldn’t believe how many keywords we were ranking for..”




“I’ve been in the business for 10 years..and after being half through the program I feel like I’ve been given the “KEYS TO THE KINGDOM” It’s Amazing!”

Chris Chandler – Website Developer And Marketing Expert


Maps Marketing Module 1:

The Google+ Local Strategy

In Module 1 we will give you the entire Maps Marketing Blueprint strategy soup to nuts. You’ll discover why backlinks don’t work with a Google+ Local Listing and how Google has replaced backlinks with something called citations. We will also explain the two most important things Google looks for…. On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.

  • Understand Citations And How To Use Them Properly
  • Learn To Claim Your Listing Properly To Rank Faster
  • Find Out How To Do Keyword Research Properly
  • Discover How to Create Categories For Multiple 1st Page Rankings
  • How To Do Competitive Research For An Unfair Advantage
  • Understand Off Page VS. On Page Optimization


“Great program! Right away David teaches how to do the correct keyword research and how to use it to create categories that rank for multiple keywords. If your looking for Google+ Local training Maps Marketing Blueprint is definitely the best training”

David Williams – Internet Marketer



You’ve got to get Maps Marketing Blueprint, because it goes from the beginning to the end. Great Program.”


Dennis Vasquez – Programmer & Seo Expert

Maps Marketing Module 2:

Secrets Of Google’s Off Page Optimization

In Module 2 you’ll learn how to give your Google+ Local listing mega authority by learning how to leverage the authority of other websites. like Yelp, City Search, YellowBot,YouTube and dozens more. We’ll dive into one of the powerful strategies in ranking in Google+ Local with learning how to create videos and optimizing videos to get you ranked at the top.

We’ll also explain how to use pictures, articles and local directories to skyrocket your results. In addition we will give you the exact steps to optimizing your website to make sure that Google ranks your listing higher than your competition.

  • Learn What Listings To Claim For Better Rankings
  • Understand How To Create Powerful Videos For Authority
  • Discover How To Optimize Videos For Google+ Local
  • Find Out How To Optimize Pictures To Ranking Higher
  • Learn How To Use Articles And Blogs To Get Ranked
  • Get Detailed Strategies On Optimizing Your Website
  • Learn What Sites To Backlink And How To Do It


“Immediately I figured out what I was doing wrong…
I learned how to do the proper keyword research, create videos, correctly backlink. It’s a full comprehensive coarse. I strongly recommend it.”

Donnell Lowery – Internet Marketer



“Wow! Maps Marketing Blueprint teaches you Step-By-Step everything that needs to be done in order to dominate ANY local market. Anyone that does local marketing needs to get this program.

Gerald Weber – SEO & Local Marketing Expert

Maps Marketing Module 3:

Secrets Of Optimizing Your Google+ Local Listing

Your Google+ Local Listing needs to not only be perfectly optimized but it needs to follow the Google’s guidelines. Thousands of companies never reach the 1st page of Google because they put the wrong words in the wrong areas.

Don’t worry. We will explain exactly what you need to do in your categories, description, hours and details, reviews, status updates and much much more. There are over 14 different areas you need to optimize properly and we will take you through the entire process.

  • Learn What You Should NEVER Do In Your Listing
  • Find Out How To Optimize You’re Description
  • Understand How To Optimize Coupons
  • Discover How To Use And Optimize For More Traffic
  • Learn What To Put In “Additional Details” To Rank Higher
  • Find Out How To Use Status To Get More Authority
  • Plus much much more!


“This training gives you the “How To” and the “Strategy”. The training is clear and thorough and comprehensive. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Jaye Stovall – Online Marketing Consultant



“I do local search, mobile marketing. We’ve bought everything out there for Google+ Local and 95% is just recycled stuff. Whether you’re a day 1 beginner or an expert like us, this program gives you what you need to keep your clients ranked month after month after month.”

Jeff Fournier – Internet Marketer & Trainer



“I’m a mortgage broker and after reviewing Maps Marketing Blueprint that it’s
highly detailed and we are using it to drive our Mortgage Business. I highly recommend ordering the program! The support and training are incredible.”

Jimmy Fuentes – Mortgage Broker


Maps Marketing Module 4:

Need To Know Expert Insights

As Google is consistently changing our fourth module we will cover new and innovative strategies as well as give you important trainings like “How to Get a Listing in a City Your Not Located In.” “How to remove duplicate listings” “How To Track Your Results Properly” “How To Get More Exposure With Coupons” and much much more.


I love this program, I’ve learned a lot about Google+ Local in the last 18 months but Maps Marketing Blueprint is the read deal and teaches you the nuts and bolts of the business.

Andre Lisbert – Marketing Expert



“This Google+ Local Strategy Ranked Us #1… Amazing!”

Local Pest Control



“I’m now 1st in Google and my phone is ringing with 2-3 new clients a week”

Local Accounting Firm


Maps Marketing Blueprint


“Maps Marketing Blueprint HITS IT OUT OF THE BALLPARK! A lot of programs do not show the step by step, but this program has great detail in exactly what you need to do to rank. Thank you David for putting a great program together! Lee Vance – Internet Marketer




“I don’t like reviewing products… but what David Sprague has done is so thorough that he’s left nothing out! It’s a nuts and bolts training and includes the nuances you just can’t find any place else. It’s the perfect program if you want to rank in Google+ Local.” Mark Upshaw – Internet Marketer & SEO Expert




“The best way to rank locally is Google+ Local, and David shows you exactly how to create and promote your Google listings. It’s helping me achieve incredible results in getting my clients phone to ring. Following his strategy have all my clients ranking well.” Massimo Pappa – Online Marketing Consultant




You’d be silly not to buy this program if David makes it available to you. I help Dentist with their marketing and with Maps Marketing Blueprint, David Sprague really spells out how it all works. I’ve been excited to learn what he’s been teaching and it’s making a difference for my clients. Dr. Max Fellers – Marketing Consultant



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This is the ultimate tool to quickly and easily see how to dominate your competition. The Maps Marketing Analyzer researches your competition and gives shows you the exact areas you need to focus on to dominate your competition. Each analysis is created based on the Maps Marketing Blueprint strategy. With this Google+ Local Scraper and the Maps Marketing Blueprint strategy, you’ll have the ability to dominate any niche or marketplace.

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